Elderly Care for Diabetes: Tips for Taking Care of Toes & Feet

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Taking proper care of feet is essential for seniors with diabetes

Whether they have been recently diagnosed or have been managing diabetes for years, proper foot care is an essential part of diabetes care for seniors. Knowing the causes of foot issues and proper foot care can help seniors with diabetes prevent nerve damage and other serious complications. Simple elderly care tips for diabetics can be implemented by seniors, family members, and caregivers alike.

What do feet have to do with diabetes?

Nerve damage, especially to the extra-sensitive nerves in the hands and feet, can be caused by diabetes. Diabetics who do not properly manage their condition are more likely to develop nerve damage but seniors who manage their diabetes well are still at risk.

Diabetes may also reduce blood flow to the feet, making it harder to feel injuries, which can develop into larger issues. Infections can lead to serious foot problems resulting in the amputation of toes, feet, or even legs. Elderly care providers recommend that seniors with diabetes see their physician at least once a year for complete foot checks.

Elderly care for feet

To avoid serious foot problems, diabetic seniors and those providing elder care services should do the following:

- Inspect feet daily to check for cuts, blisters, abnormal swelling, or nail infection.

- Gently bathe feet in warm water and cut nails carefully. Keeping the feet clean and dry will reduce the risk of infection if a cut or sore does occur.

- Consider wearing socks made for diabetics. Some of these socks may improve circulation, provide added cushion for support, or wick away moisture. Your loved one’s doctor can recommend specific footwear.

- Never walk around barefoot. Make sure diabetic seniors have on shoes that fit properly.

Elderly care providers should not rely on the feedback or complaints of their senior before inspecting their feet. Often, because of nerve damage and lack or circulation, a diabetic senior won’t feel foot sores or cuts until the infection has spread. Reduce the risk of harmful infection by taking preventative elderly care measures.

Unfortunately, the negative effects of diabetes cannot always be prevented by precautionary action. Monitoring the well-being of your senior loved one’s feet can provide medical professionals with a better understanding of their diabetes’ progression. Elderly care providers that pay close attention and keep detailed notes will be able to offer the best long-term help for their senior loved ones.





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