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Some seniors in Shelton, CT believe that you need expensive equipment to exercise effectively. In home care professionals point out that this is certainly not the case, as there are many equipment-free exercises that can improve a senior’s strength, flexibility, and balance. They do not require a visit to the gym or local community center and can be done in the comfort of an older adult’s home. Some of the best equipment-free exercises for seniors include:

Wall Push-Ups

Wall push-ups are a great way for an older adult to improve their upper body strength and ensure their arms and chest are in tip-top condition. To perform a wall push-up, they can stand about two feet away from the wall and put their hands against it.

While they keep their body in a straight line, they should bend their elbows diagonally to their sides and lower their chest to the wall while allowing their heels to come off the floor. After a short pause, they should press through their hands, straighten their elbows, and start over.


Seniors are bound to love superman because it will really make them feel like superman while strengthening their upper and lower back muscles. To start, they should lie face down with their chin on the ground and ankles pointed underneath them.

Next, they should reach their arms straight out above their shoulders so that their palms are flat on the floor. Then, they should engage their glutes, shoulders, and back while pulling themselves a few inches off the ground. This position should be held for about 15 seconds and repeated a few times.

Squats to Chair

In addition to strengthening leg muscles, squats can help older adults improve their upper and lower body strength so that they can easily reach for the floor to pick something up or get out of a chair or bed without struggling. To begin the squats to chair movement, seniors should stand with their feet hip-width apart in front of a chair.

While they keep their chest upright, they should push their hips and bend their knees toward the chair. Seniors can choose to touch the chair or actually sit down in it. When they get to the bottom of the squat, they should make sure their upper body is only moving forward slightly. 

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