Fairfield County’s Giving Day - March 9, 2017


A powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition to benefit area non-profit agencies


March 9, 2017 - Remember the date and donate online on March 9th

Won’t you help make a difference in a someone’s life?



Fairfield County's Community Foundation has organized and is running Giving Day (https://fcgives.org) for many worthy charities


Fairfield County’s Giving Day is a powerful 24-hour online fundraising competition that unites our community around local causes close to your heart. Last year, this amazing day of giving had extraordinary results: $1,246,964 donated by 11,000+ individuals.

For more information visit https://fcgives.org




All you have to do is go to this site on March 9th to make a donation:




A donation form will automatically appear a minute after midnight on March 9th.


As you scroll down the page, there will be a section entitled “Search by Categories” which will list of all the eligible agencies to whom you may donate.


In order to donate, you will need to enter the agency to whom you would like to donate, your donation amount, your contact information and credit card number.




Serving Connecticut Charities Since 1992


We bring you together with other passionate people, charities, and trusted resources to create lasting change in Fairfield County, Connecticut.


As a trusted community leader, we invite to the table leading experts, bold leaders and far-sighted funders to work together on solving our region’s challenges.




Community foundations are one of the fastest-growing sectors of philanthropy in the United States. They are tax-exempt, place-based public charities created to help individuals, families and companies make a difference in their community.


The first community foundation was established in Cleveland in 1914. Today, there are 808 community foundations throughout the United States and 1,837 worldwide, collectively stewarding $63.1 billion in assets. In 2013, community foundations awarded $4.98 billion in grants to nonprofits.




Each community foundation is made up of a collection of charitable funds established by individuals, families, public charities, and businesses. Fund assets are pooled, invested and safeguarded to generate an ongoing, steady resource for community giving.


Those who conduct their charitable giving through a community foundation can make contributions for the general benefit of the community; or designate their funds for specific purposes, causes or nonprofit organizations. Donors can contribute to local, national and international causes through their community foundation. There are no geographic boundaries to the term “community.”


To learn more about the worldwide community foundation movement, visit the Community Foundation Atlas.




·  You can name your fund and designate its purpose in perpetuity


·  You receive immediate tax benefits, even if you wait to recommend grants from the fund you established


·  You receive guidance, information and advice to help you give in a way that is strategic and impactful.


·  Your fund can benefit charities locally, nationally, and internationally.


·  Your fund benefits from professional financial stewardship.


·  You may engage family members in philanthropy, and name a successor as a fund advisor.


·  You may give anonymously.





For more information please contact:


Fairfield County's Community Foundation

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Fax: 203.750.3232





Source: Fairfield County's Community Foundation


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Linda Ziac is the owner and founder of The Caregiver Resource Center. The Caregiver Resource Center is a division of Employee Assistance Professionals, Inc. which Linda founded in October 1990. The Caregiver Resource Center provides a spectrum of concierge case management and advocacy services for seniors, people with special needs and families.


Linda’s professional career spans more than 40 years in the health and mental health field as a CT Licensed Professional Counselor, CT Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Board Certified Employee Assistance Professional, Board Certified Case Manager, and Board Certified Dementia Practitioner.  In addition, Ms. Ziac has 15 years of experience coordinating care for her own parents.


Linda assists seniors, people with special needs and their families; in planning for and implementing ways to allow for the greatest degree of health, safety, independence, and quality of life. Linda meets with individuals and family members to assess their needs, and develop a Care Team, while working with members of the Team to formulate a comprehensive Care Plan (a road map).

Once a plan is in place, Linda is available to serve as the point person to monitor and coordinate services, and revise the plan as needed. This role is similar to the conductor of an orchestra; ensuring that there is good communication, teamwork, and that everyone remains focused on the desired goal.



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