How Comfort Keepers of Shelton's Caregivers Can Help Your Parent or Grandparent Adjust at Home After Surgery

May 25, 2017 by Comfort Keepers of Shelton, CT

It is common for seniors to have surgery or other medical procedures that require them to spend some time in the hospital. Age-related illnesses, falls, and strokes are some of the main reasons why an elder family member may need caregiver assistance when they are ready to transition from the hospital back home.

In most cases, the sooner the transition home can happen the better. Hospitals are can feel crowded and put healing bodies at risk for infection. The sooner a senior can get home, be around family, and rest in familiar surroundings, the more likely they are going to feel at ease. Often, post-surgery recovery care can be provided at home with the help of an in-home caregiver. Options besides expensive long-term hospitals stays may be available for your senior loved one.

That being said, going home is not always as simple as just leaving the hospital. Depending on the reason for the stay, many seniors can require assistance once at home. If there is a concern for health or safety, they are unlikely to be released without the assurance that there is going to be a caregiver present. In the case where there is non-medical assistance needed, hospital staff is usually fine with family members being the primary caregivers. However, the family member needs to be able to provide the right kind of support directed by the medical staff.

What You Can Do to Provide Help to a Recovering Senior

Assuming that you are not providing medical help, as there should be an in-home health aide or nurse that comes in to give this assistance, as a family caregiver you will likely be filling in the gaps of the senior’s lifestyle for things that they cannot do on their own. This may include cooking and cleaning, helping them in and out of bed, lending a hand to get out of the shower or go to the bathroom or simply making sure that they have everything that they need while they recover.

Some other tasks that you may want to take on to help your parent or grandparent recover quickly once they are home may include:

  • Helping with bills or other tasks that they may not want to do because they are stressed
  • Talk with them and keep them company
  • Bring other family members around or keep the rest of the family informed
  • Be sure to check comfort items such as heat, making sure they have something to drink or they can reach the remote to watch shows.

The most important thing that you can do is to let your relative know that you are there for whatever they need. Relieve stress by making things as easy as possible for them and make sure that they are comfortable asking you for what is needed.

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