It looks like it cost more $$ it may not be apples to apples- let me check for you.

I met with a family last week that thought they were comparing apples to apples and they kept wondering why we were more expensive.

We sat down and we talked for a little while and I said let’s lay it all on the table and compare apples to apples.

Many times if you are at home looking at the equation it looks the same, but that is my job to help you with what may or may not be the same. My job is to educate you on what Brighton Gardens has to offer your family and sometimes it is even my job to say that Brighton Gardens may not be the best fit for you and your family. Remember our mission at

Sunrise Senior is to Champion quality of life for all seniors.

What was different in the equation?

The size of the room, the view from the room, the hands on care and we provide three meals and they provide two meals! A lot of difference –

see kind of apples to oranges!

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