What is a medical loan closet?

Ever heard of a Medical Loan Closet before? Don't worry, we hadn't either until our Amity Teen Center advisor, Jennifer Romanoff DiBlanda, and Attorney Jay Jaser approach us with the idea to open one. Once we found out what it was, we couldn't wait to get to work! 

In case you don't know, a Medical Loan Closet is a supply of crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment that are free for the public to borrow. That means if you're having trouble affording the medical equipment you need, you can come to us. All equipment is inspected by certified doctor and is either new or gently used. Anyone in the Amity or New Haven County area can have access to our resources.

We, members of the Amity Leo Club, are a group of teens dedicated to community service in our area. We are excited to be making a difference in our community and can't wait to see the positive results of our hard work. 
More information to come! And feel free to comment any questions.

Thank you for reading about the Amity Teen Center Medical Loan Closet.

Durable Medical Equipment Exchange/Closet
Woodbridge, CT
Zip code: 
New Haven