Free Social Security Benefits Advice Workshop in Merrillville

As you age and start to think about your financial future, understanding your Social Security benefits, including retirement benefits and disability benefits, is extremely important. The more that you understand about your benefits, the greater will be your ability to maximize your benefit amount and ensure that you are prepared for the future. At Harvest Social Security QA, we care about providing those in our community with the information and resources they need to make smart Social Security decisions.

When you attend one of our free Harvest Social Security QA Social Security workshops, you will learn:

*How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Claiming Your Social Security Benefits
*How Survivors’ Benefits Work
*The Different Ways to Claim SS Benefits and Strategies for Maximizing Your Benefit Amount
*Types of Social Security Benefits and How to Claim Each
*How to Claim Social Security Benefits on an Ex-Spouse’s Record
*How to Determine Which Benefits You Are Eligible For
*How to Potentially Increase Your Benefits Over the Course of Your Life

Don’t wait any longer to sign up for one of the workshops offered by Harvest Social Security QA. Our workshops are offered free of charge, and you have no obligation to work with any of the financial professionals that present at our workshops. Learn more about our upcoming workshops and reserve your spot today!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 6:00pm