A Gentler Parting, LLC

29 Grand Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513
County: New Haven
Categories: Senior Advisor, Caregiver Support, Therapy and Family Mediation, Bereavement and Grief Resources
A GENTLER PARTING, LLC is a consulting business that educates people through the reality of life, diseases, aging and death, with incomparable compassion and professionalism, defining the cutting edge of holistic End-of-Life Education & Planning - First private End-of-Life consulting/Doula practice in New Haven, CT. Nathalie Bonafe, Ph.D, is a certified ELDER CARE CONSULTANT AND END-OF-LIFE DOULA. She supports, guides and educates patients and their loved-ones through the reality of aging and death. She is professionally trained to help people design their own "living well" plans for their later years when they are well, but also help people at the end of life when they need the most support. As a patient advocate, her assistance to both patients and loved-ones is based on their own values, for a precious peace of mind. She works as a catalyst to help families navigate a complex healthcare system. Nathalie worked as a biomedical research scientist for 25 years in highly collaborative settings (National Institutes of Health, Yale Medical School and Biotech industry). She specialized in Cancer and Infectious diseases. Through intensive study and training, Nathalie has earned certification as a DoulaGiver Care Consultant, an Elder-Care Doula, and an End-of-Life Doula. She is also a trained Hospice Direct Care Volunteer with Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care. Nathalie uses a non-medical holistic model of care that considers clients' physical and mental abilities, family situations, and emotional and spiritual needs. She is trained in the various end-of-life stages and can guide her clients, patients and family, through their journey, in trust, providing a listening ear and educated knowledge. Free Consultation (60 min).
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