Dancing Keeps Our Seniors Young!

Do you believe in the power of dance? Many of our seniors do, and it is keeping them youthful and healthy! I came across this article, and ot really is worth checking out: 

Here's a recap:

Michael Garland, 67 years old, and Carol Constant, 68, perform regularly at “all the best Dance Clubs” in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

The former Texas State Dance Champions continue to WOW audiences with their dancing – including everything from from Mambo and Latin dancing to Hip Hop to Jazz to Swing, to Ballroom.

They are a truly amazing Senior Dance couple that continues to inspire their audiences. They prove that dancing keeps you young!


Check out the link for a great video:  http://www.helpingyoucare.com/26347/michael-garland-and-carol-constant-b...