"The idea of preventative and holistic medicine is resonating with people." -Joel Theisen

Shared via CNBC (to read more see the link below): Joel Theisen, Lifesprk CEO and founder

Theisen's desire in starting Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Lifesprk was to change the caregiving experience so that it's less reactive and focused more on the root causes of why problems happen. A nurse by training, he launched the company in 2004 after working for a geriatric-care management company for seven years. "We're not thoughtful about how we help people who are living longer," and the result is unnecessary rehospitalizations, he said.

Lifesprk provides each client with a dedicated life-care manager, a registered nurse who serves as their personal advocate and gets to know them and provides proactive care. Theisen recalls a woman who had been hospitalized 23 times in three months before becoming a client of Lifesprk. As the care manager got to know her, it became apparent she suffered from anxiety due to loneliness and depression. Reconnecting her with family, her community and what engaged her made a significant difference. Over the next four years, her confidence returned and she was admitted to the emergency room only once.

Lifesprk's revenue reached $12.5 million in 2014, up from $10.5 million in 2013. Revenue is expected to reach $15 million this year. The company employs 570. Currently, clients are just in the nine counties in the Twin Cities area, but Theisen's goal is to scale nationally.

Theisen's secret to success: "We're committed to changing the experience for people. The idea of preventative and holistic medicine is resonating with people."



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