7 Reasons Why Senior Living Facilities Should Incorporate Drumming As An Activity

by Steve Benedetto

Drumming is more than just music — it’s an engaging activity that is proven to reduce stress, alleviate pain and help keep you mentally active and healthy. Research suggests that drumming is particularly beneficial to seniors for these reasons and can even benefit symptoms of some mentally degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

This is why more and more senior living complexes offer drumming sessions in addition to more traditional activities such as dancing, singing and more. Drumming not only stimulates older adults’ cognitive abilities, it also offers socialization, aids memory and gross/fine motor movement, and so much more!

•It’s Loud
Seniors with hearing trouble may not be able to hear traditional music therapy enough to enjoy it. A drum is loud and powerful enough to create a notable tone that can be heard even at a distance. 

•It’s Easy
Anyone can play or tap a drum, and with so many different kinds of drums to use, we offer a chance for everyone to take a turn drumming to different beats. From paddle drums to frame drums to mallet cuffs and more, drum playing is ideal for those who are lacking strength — it takes very little effort to make a lot of music!

•It’s Expressive
Drumming is a form of expression that can act like an emotional anchor, letting residents drum their feelings without the need to talk. It can be very effective bonding and self-expressive therapy that may be perfect for your residents.

•It’s Physically Stimulating

Not only does drumming foster cognitive skills, it can also serve as a fantastic light exercise! Ideal for older adults, a drum session can consist of drumming down low, up high and reaching for another’s drum. We help residents make music, have fun and enjoy health benefits at the same time.

•Promotes Health & Wellness
Music is beneficial to the body in many ways. It fortifies the immune system and avails cognitive abilities by increasing one’s mood and reducing stress. Drums are the perfect music therapy for seniors because it promotes health and wellness for those who might not be in the best of health.

•It’s Peaceful
Drumming doesn't’t have to be loud — it can be as soft and relaxing as a heartbeat. You can create a drum session your way that lets you tune the noise level to any preference, perfect for the mood your residents want.

• It’s Fun
Drumming is not only therapeutic, it’s fun! Older adults and seniors love it because it not only gives them energy, but makes them feel like a kid again!  

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