Balance 2.0, Preventing Falls with Exercise: (A seniors' home-based exercise plan to prevent falls, maintain independence, and stay in your own home longer)

​Falls can be painful, costly, and downright deadly. As we get older, the risk of sustaining a life-altering fall increases. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a focused regimen of balance and strength exercises, you can prevent a fall and enjoy your golden years.

In this second book of balance exercises by Amanda Sterczyk, you’ll learn key strengthening exercises that will increase muscle and bone strength, boost your confidence, and improve your balance. You’ll also discover how the author helped her own father recover from a hospital visit by guiding him through these foundational exercises.

This book provides a home-based fall prevention workout that doesn’t require special equipment, sweating, or getting down on the floor (you can do them on your bed!). Modifications are provided to make each sequence easier or more challenging.

Exercises are divided into three groups: