Going electronic is easy with Medicare's online resources

You can Switch to the electronic version of the “Medicare & You” handbook If you have an eReader (like an iPad, Kindle Fire, Surface, or Galaxy Tab), you can download a free digital version of “Medicare & You” and other Medicare publications to your eReader and take them with you on-the-go. Don’t have an eReader? You can still sign up to get a paperless version. If you sign up, we’ll send you an email in September when the new eHandbook is available. The email will explain that instead of getting a paper copy in your mailbox each fall, you’ll get an email linking you to the online handbook. The online version of the handbook contains all the same information as the printed version. . Get your “Medicare Summary Notices” electronically (also called “eMSNs”) For anyone with Original Medicare Part A or Part B, eMSNs contain the same information as paper MSNs. You can sign up for eMSNs by creating or logging into your Medicare account. If you choose to get eMSNs, you won’t get printed copies of your MSNs in the mail every quarter. Instead, we’ll send you an email each month when an eMSN is available in your account. Link: https://www.medicare.gov/pub/ebooks

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