How is addressing the Information Crisis Affecting Our Senior Citizens

Mar 7, 2016

Today, we browse eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist for the things we buy; we read CNN, NBC, and New York Times for the news we consume; we post on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to forge common connections. It seems that there are useful tools that satisfy just about all of our social and economic demands digitally.

Unlike other information technology sectors, the elder care industry is lacking a central, reliable source for seniors, professionals, and community members to locate and interact with the information they need quickly. 

The fastest growing demographic in the United States is creating a shift in the economic and social landscape of our society. This demographic demands services and information to live a quality life, and their friends and families agree. The demographic is Senior Citizens, those aged 60 and older.

Why it is important to pay close attention to the Senior Citizen demographic?

The numbers tell a story some may find surprising. Seniors and their families are now consuming most all of their information from digital sources.  

What is likely common knowledge to all reading, digital media is taking over… but what may be surprising is the rate in change between 2010-2014: an astonishing 83% increase in internet as a form of information consumption.

With the abundance of information available to our seniors and their families, we are faced with a quality issue. Our elders and their families require qualityinformation fast, especially during times of crisis. Seniors may face a life-changing health issue; their families need to act fast. How? By finding the companies, professionals, support groups, community organizations, and living advice quickly and easily online.

Shrinking Budgets:
Combined with an apparent abundance of information at our fingertips, many of the organizations targeting seniors are faced with shrinking marketing budgets. With our country operating in deficit, our community organizations are not getting the marketing funding needed to connect with the community to the fullest extent. Many great Non-profit organizations are underutilized…they simply do not have the digital footprint to showcase and promote their events, trips, meals, transportation, and activities. Here is an example of such under-utilization published early March 2016: Transportation checkpoint: Audit shows Trumbull seniors aren’t using service

An Evolving Employment Landscape:
The employment landscape is changing as a result of the needs of the growing Senior population. According to Love & Company the senior care industry represented 305 Billion dollars in 2015. Needless to say, the employment landscape is shifting to cater to this industry. Competition is fierce; marketing allows for a competitive advantage, and the tools needed to fill the demand for marketing, promotion, connection, and interaction are yet to be established.

Filling the Void:
It is clear that we are faced with challenges due to this technological void. Tools such as strive to satisfy this whitespace. It is a social media community aimed to provide a venue for sharing content, events, organizations, links, profiles, and updates in a central, reliable format. Within its short existence, it has proved useful for local communities, and interaction continues to spread across each of the fifty states. 

The mission of Senior Help Desk is to enhance the lives of our seniors through the organization and accessibility or resources. We strive to offer the most comprehensive, interactive, and shareable resource center for finding community trusted professionals, resources and services for our seniors. We offer a Live social media feed, resource directory, blogs, articles and a community events calendar… all filtered by your own town and state.

We welcome and encourage you to join the community. As a group we can learn and grow together, regarding the needs and concerns of our seniors. You can start or join a discussion group, and also learn from our blogs and articles. You can list or review a community event including all types of articles, seminars, and educational forums. Our strength as a community is the collective resources, information and knowledge of our members.

 The site can be seen here: and all members (seniors, professionals, and companies) can join for free.

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