In New Haven, CT and looking for Senior Centers?

There may be some great resources here, according to the New Haven, CT Community website. If you're looking for advice on locating the right senior center, it may be worth checking out. Here is a breif description of the senior services offered, according to their website: 

The Department of Elderly Services assists those who are 55 and older to be independent and active and to enjoy a great variety of activities.  There are presently 3 Senior Centers offering many choices.  In addition, each Center has an active, non-profit membership association that sponsors its own additional activities.  Each association elects its own leaders and decides for itself what it would like to do.  Some activities are free, some are not.  People may sign for those that are of interest to them.  There are also opportunities to volunteer in ways that range from knitting to tutoring.  Each Senior Center serves lunch at 11:30 am daily. To sign up, please contact the Senior Center of your choice.   Kosher meals are available on request at Atwater Senior Center.  Transportation is available to each of the Senior Centers.

Seniors---get your benefits.  Spend 20  minutes.  BenefitsCheckUp quickly finds federal, state and private benefit programs available to help you save money on prescription drugs, health care, meals, utilities, taxes, and more. Apply from home, a library or a senior center or anywhere with an internet-connected computer.  You'll need basic information (income and assets, expenses, names of prescription  medicines).  View a personal report on the benefits you may qualify for.   Call 203-946-8550 to schedule an appointment at a City of New Haven senior center.  You can also get help to complete the application forms for the benefits to which you are entitled, once you know what they are. 

To gain some more information on New Haven, CT area senior services, check out their website:

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