Puzzles for Stroke Patients: Rebuild Language, Math & Logic Skills to Heal and Live a More Fulfilling Life


Large print version for easy reading.
Customer Ray: "This book has helped my wife since her stroke. She does puzzles every day. It has brought back that beautiful smile. I highly recommend this book. Thanks."
Excellent for caregivers, nursing homes & rehab centers!
Canadian customer: "My mom had a mild stroke and she says the book is helpful."
The entertaining puzzle workouts in the book feature engaging, positive images to improve your memory and keep your brain young!
The brain therapy book is full of amazing puzzles, bingo play cards & beautiful coloring pages to stimulate, rebuild your mental abilities, and fine motor skills!
Positive fun puzzles are recommended by MDs, speech, cognitive & behavioral therapists for stroke recuperation.
The wonderful healing book features captivating presidential photo puzzles, adult coloring, word searches, crosswords, cryptograms, & animal photo puzzles.
The comprehensive activities in the collection are all outstanding training exercises for stroke recovery.
Customer Luisa: “This book is extremely helpful: I had a stroke three months ago, and I decided to try your book. It has helped me a great deal. Not only my thinking process but also my writing has improved. I am still a long way from recovery, but I enjoy working with this book. Thank you so very much.”
Customer Kevin: "Great gift for my dad! He does puzzle-solving daily with a smile.".
Sudoku & math puzzles stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for creativity, logic, & memory.
Customer Jennifer: "Ordered for my mom, and she's been using it every day!"
Entertaining quizzes engage our minds in pleasant brain fitness exercises.
Customer Robin: "Helping with his concentration and communication understanding! My father has been using this for a year now and loves it. He had a stroke in March of 2018. Physically, he is strong and has not been affected much. Verbal communication and concentration are areas that have become challenging hurdles for him. I recommend this on my father's behalf."
Daily puzzle-solving will improve brain functions tremendously!
Customer USA: “Early stages of Alzheimer’s. I purchased this item because my mother was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. I purchased this book because it has a variety of puzzles and I especially like the math sections in the book. She enjoys working out of this book and every time she finishes a puzzle, math problem, or just coloring she has a big smile on her face.”
Live Life Active, Agile, Brilliant, Healthy & Happy!

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