The Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing

The Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing

Mar 2, 2016

  1. Develop and share your professional profile and portfolio

Every professional that signs up for Senior Help Desk will have the opportunity to complete a professional profile, including Mission Statement, contact information, areas of expertise, and profile image. In addition, any written works published on Senior Help Desk, such as articles, blogs, and events will be showcased conveniently within your user profile. What an opportunity to develop your professional presence beyond LinkedIn!

2. Interact with member of your local community

Why? Raise awareness of your expertise right within your own community!. Connect directly with potential customers and gain referrals from other senior care experts in your own town. 

3. Promote your event by easily targeting local professionals

Do you feel like Facebook and LinkedIn doesn’t quite generate the attention your upcoming event deserves? Add it to the Senior Help Desk Events Calendar. Once your event is published, you can easily share it to any social media site, and embed the event right within an email. And the best part is, the Calendar is searchable by state, zip code, county, and town.

4. It’s quick and easy to find what you are looking for

With the plethora of information out there it is nice to interact with a website that organizes it so well. With automatic IP filtering based on your location, search filters, and more than 200 categories, they make it easy to quickly find the professional, company, event, or article you need quickly.

  1. Connect directly with Seniors and their families 

Unlike other networking sites, Senior Help Desk not only connects professionals to each other, but it also connects professionals to the seniors and their families right in your town. Position yourself in front of many of the thousands of seniors searching for the expertise you offer.

What is Senior Help Desk? is an interactive senior resource community that has launched in January 2016. In just two short months it has already begun gaining traction within local communities, healthcare professionals, and senior advisors.  It is currently free to join.

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