The Ultimate Memory Activity Book: 130 Puzzles and Recreational Ideas for People Living with Memory Loss

Improve memory with therapeutic, brain-boosting activities

Memory loss can be a frustrating test of patience and determination. This interactive memory book helps strengthen memory function by engaging and challenging the brain through specifically designed puzzles and creative exercises.

What sets this book apart:

  • A wide variety of memory games―Stimulate the brain with entertaining word scrambles, crossword puzzles, sudoku, and word searches ranging in complexity from easy to difficult, which allow options for every stage of cognitive decline or ability.
  • Imaginative activities―Engage the mind while exploring the creative side with writing and music exercises, and interactive projects that train the brain to adapt.
  • Advice for the body to help the mind―Find guidance for healthy eating, physical exercise, and socialization, which support brain function.


Grab a pencil and begin the journey to better memory with The Ultimate Memory Activity Book.

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