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GPS Shoes help Alzheimer's Patients and their Caretakers video blog credited to CBS News

Technology -- in the form of GPS shoes that have GPS tracking -- is beginning to revolutionize how caretakers keep tabs on their loved ones who sometimes wander, and get lost can be found.

Joann Johnston, whose husband, Bill Johnston, has Alzheimer's disease, said the shoes give her peace of mind. "When I lost him, you kind of panic," she said. Bill, who is 83 years old, had wandered away. Bill is one of an estimated 5.3 million Americans who suffer from Alzheimer's disease, and wandering is one of the most common symptoms. 

Andrew Carle, executive in residence of senior housing at George Mason University, saw a need to reduce wandering and reached out to a California company, GTX Corp ( that makes GPS shoes with GPS tracking solutions. They partnered on a model for the elderly to provide an Alzheimer's lost and found solution.

"Primary caregivers are afraid to even turn their back on the Alzheimer's patients for two or three minutes, because they're afraid when they come back, the loved one may be gone," Andy Carle said. "And this technology can really help those with dementia and gives the family or caregiver a method of locating the Alzheimer's patient." 

Seeking ways to control wandering, Bill's wife Joann and son Alan were led to George Mason University and Andrew Carle, who offered them a pair of shoes to test. "The shoes give you more control," Alan Johnston said. "My mom can call me and I can immediately find his location."

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GPS Smart Soles - Wearable Device for Problematic Wandering

By Jane Ogilvie, Elder Care Issue Consulting

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GPS Smart Sole – Wearable Device for Problematic Wandering


Wandering away and getting lost. It happens. It’s dreaded. It’s scary. It’s a worry that can’t be avoided for anyone with memory impairments related to dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other TBI (traumatic brain injuries).

It’s on the minds of family and professional caregivers alike.


In caring for loved ones with dementia, TBI, Autism, or Developmental Disabilities, what works for one family may not work for the next. That’s why it’s important for the public to have information on all options, forms, styles, and variations of real time locating devices.  Having all of the information allows caregivers to choose the best method for their particular circumstance. Individuals and situations are unique.  No one device will be the answer for everybody.


There are several products on the market to consider but I’d like to bring to your attention to the GPS Smart Sole by GTX Corp.


Patti Ciancaglini, wife and caregiver of former professional boxer Ray Ciancaglini used to worry about her husband Ray getting lost like so many caregivers do across the globe. Take a few minutes to hear her story:



The GPS Smart Sole is a wearable, patented, GPS locating device that fits inside the shoe. These are especially useful for those trying to live independently and/or with some assistance and want to remain in their homes and communities they’ve known. If you think facility placement is your next move, consider GPS Smart Soles. The annual associated fees are less than what is paid for one month of residency in a care facility such as an ALF.


Are you a Baby Boomer whose parent is still driving? Are they forgetting more but still relatively independent? These are the perfect anytime gift! GPS Smart Sole shoe insert are ergonomically designed for comfort and can be worn in most styles of shoes. Northerners can even wear them in snow boots!


The Smart Sole GPS system is easy to set up to become operational, easy to clean, lightweight, thoroughly researched & tested, effective, and INVISIBLE to everyone who may see you. They increase the sense of personal security, decrease stigma, promote dignity and help maintain independence.


You can read more about them here, find a Promo Code for a $20.00 discount towards purchase, enter it and order directly from the company @:





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