Linda Ziac

The Caregiver Resource Center

Greenwich, CT 06830
County: Fairfield
Categories: Geriatric Care Manager, Therapy and Family Mediation, Addiction Services, Caregiver Support
Board Certified Case Management & Advocacy for seniors, people with special needs, families and organizations. - The Caregiver Resource Center’s “Successful Aging Action Plan” Program helps seniors and people with special needs take a proactive approach to addressing their current needs, while also planning and preparing for potential future challenges and crises. Our successful aging strategies provide a wide range of services to meet the unique needs of the individual and their family. These strategies focus on health and mental health, case management and advocacy, home safety, transportation, and advance care planning to name a few. Some Benefits of Our Services • Well respected company serving the community since 1990 • All services are individually designed to meet the unique needs of the client and their family • We are available 7 days a week by appointment, and 24/7 for emergencies • Our services are provided onsite throughout the continuum of care (Home, doctor’s office, ER, hospital, short term rehab, assisted living, hospice, and nursing home.) For resources and guidance visit us at
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Understanding CT’s New Opioid Law

4 years 4 months ago
By Linda Ziac August 25, 2016 The Caregiver Resource Center   “U.S. opioid deaths now outnumber gunshot wounds and motor vehicle accident deaths.”   The United States... Read more

CT’s “SURPRISE BILL” HEALTHCARE LAW - What you need to know before receiving healthcare services!

4 years 5 months ago
By Linda Ziac August 10. 2016 The Caregiver Resource Center   NEW CT Healthcare Law Took Effect July 1st   CT Public Act No. 15-146 AN ACT CONCERNING HOSPITALS,... Read more

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